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Meet Kelly at Electric Ladylash

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Hi there and welcome! I am the owner Lash Artist at Electric Ladylash. I specialize in custom eyelash extensions and lash lift & tints in a relaxing environment.

I have been a cosmetologist for almost 20 years, starting my career as a chemical technician (perms and hair color!). In 2015, I went back to college and finished my bachelors degree in communications and began honing my skills as a digital marketing and social media specialist.

In 2019, My sister Nicole unexpectedly passed away. We shared a love for beauty, makeup and hair; a classic Kel & Nik afternoon was dressing up in our mom's old nightgowns and pretending we were soap opera stars (we made up our own show called "Sistahs" where we pretended to push each other in a pool, AKA a blue blanket on the floor... hey, we grew up in the 80s 👩‍🎤).

So. How do you pick up the pieces of a broken heart? In the wake of this tragedy, I left corporate life and grieved, knowing that if I was to move forward in a career, it would have to be something I really loved- something that my sister would be proud of me for. We had chatted about learning how to do eyelash extensions right before she died, and I knew I had to at least go through a training. It was the first productive thing I did after months of grief.

I attended a one-on-one training with a local Lash Artist, and within a year I had taken 2 more intensive trainings with NovaLash. Armed with my skills from college, salon experience, and the feeling of connection to my sister, I started Electric Ladylash ⚡.

Ok, now the proper "About Me:" I love cooking, video games, my ever-growing collection of indoor plants, and philosophy. Most people would describe me as quirky, which I unashamedly agree with. I am married to Steve, an old soul who loves vinyl records and anything vintage. We have 3 cats; Sage, Bowie and Harry, who fill our lives with joy and laughter!

Thanks for reading. I hope to meet you soon!

xoxo Kelly

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